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ugh, i'm really mad at myself.

i was just running at the gym and i glanced at the XC times for last season.. they basically range from 22-29.. i fit right in there.

i don't know what to do... i miss running. but i don't want running to be my whole life.

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i miss hellogoodbye.
i miss ashleigh and rob's spastic hipv dancing.
i miss warped tour.
i miss going to seaside to see "finch" and weird belt buckle boy.
i miss that random park in woodbridge.
i miss buffalo.
i miss running to the market and tuscanos
i miss sitting in my car listening to music and being late to practice
i miss listening to jimmy eat world and going to KCs.
and going out to lunch.
i miss seattle.
i miss my best friends.

this is what happens when i feel extremely left out.